Gardner Minshew is Everything that’s Wrong with Today’s NFL

Well well well would ya take a look at this guy.

Gardner Minshew is an arrogant, selfish, me first football player who represents all that is wrong with today’s NFL athletes.

Attention. Attention. Attention.

That is all that Gardner Minshew cares about. He doesn’t want to win football games. He wants to win LIKES on Instagram.

Maybe Mr. Minshew should spend a little more time with his face in the playbook than in front of a mirror. He studies his clothes closet instead of opposing defenses. He’s more concerned with his hair comb in his pocket than the pocket created by his offensive lineman.

You’re telling me that a guy who dresses like this after a football game cares about winning:

What’s that you say – oh that’s actually Cam Newton. It seems I’ve confused all the negativity that was supposed to go to Newton and instead sent it to Minshew.

Whoops. My bad.

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