Hi-Top Golf – The Skins Game is Back! (Sort of)

Welcome news in the world of golf right here folks. After the relative success of The Match with Tiger and Phil it’s no surprise that The Skins Game is getting revived.

Obviously the key here is the participants which on first glance appear understandable but a bit underwhelming. Tiger and Rory are no brainers and the event is happening in Japan so that gets you Matsuyama. It’s the inclusion of Jason Day that’s the real head scratcher here. Sure he’s a “name” sort of I guess but he’s also been racked with injuries lately and is far from in top form. There’s a million ways they could of went with for the fourth slot – everything from a Brooks/DJ superstar to giving an up and coming hot shot a chance. To use it on a guy who’s recently pulled out of an event after hurting his back lifting up his toddler well that’s not great Bob.

Sure the event is in Japan so maybe you are limited to guys who are already going to be over there but you’re telling me Bryson or Rickie or Rahm or whoever wouldn’t jump at the chance to be included in a Skins Game with Tiger. Hell even running it back with Phil would have been preferable to Day. Are you really saying the fact that Day is Australian was a major factor? C’mon now.

Anywho, we may not be getting a classic Thanksgiving Freddie Couples-Lee Trevino action here but this is certainly a start.

A Golf world with The Skins Game is certainly better than one without.

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