These NFL 100 Retro Logos are Hilariously Awful

The Lil’ Dogg is back on the logo beat folks and this time we have ourselves some real doozies.

For the unaware the NFL is pretending that 2019 is their 100th Anniversary despite the fact that in 1919 there was no professional football and 1920 was the year something called the American Professional Football Association was created with such illustrious teams as the Columbus Panhandles, Dayton Triangles, the Muncie Flyers and the Rock Island Independents. Yes really.

Anywho, in honor of the great Rochester Jeffersons the NFL is of course pimping out all manner of useless terrible looking swag. Today we are laughing looking at these 47 Brand monstrosities.

Green Bay Packers

Folks this here is the best of the bunch so just brace yourself cuz it’s a wild ride from here on out.

This Packers logo is not so much bad as it’s just blah. Like generic “football team” on a UPN sitcom that can’t afford the licensing rights for a real NFL team.

Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s a Steel Worker punting a football off of a steel beam. Yes I just literally described exactly what you are looking at cuz that’s how literal this logo takes the idea of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Also it’s a logo of a dude PUNTING!!!!

And what’s up with the “Circa 1961”?

1961 was not that long ago. You can’t find out whether or not this logo was 1961 or 1962? Either way no one cares cuz it’s tuuuurrrrrible.

Cleveland Browns

Now we are getting weird folks.

What is this????????????????

Why do the Cleveland Browns have a Keebler Elf as their team logo?????

New Orleans Saints

Who knew the Great Gazoo was a Saints fan?

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