Can we Chill Out with the Yaz thing?????

Last night, a somewhat unique occurrence happened at Fenway, when the grandkid of a guy who never won a World Series came back with a team the grandfather never played against, to play a game in the same building the grandfather did 50 years ago.

But if you listened to the INSUFFERABLE BBWAA, you’d think this was the greatest moment in all of Sport. Everyone’s timeline was a Yaz’ explosion:


All this hoopla for a grandkid playing at the same park for a different team 37 seasons after the elder retired?! We’ve seen a million cooler things than this. Christ, this year alone, half the young studs in the game are the sons of former stud major leaguers. Did the LA media have a giant circle jerk when Vaddy Jr. played in Angels’ park?

Oh, did I mention Little Mikey Yaz went yard, and it got WAAAAY worse. Now, we’ve LITERALLY seen father and son not only play on the same team, but they hit freaking BACK TO BACK home runs, but yeah, last night was super cool, I guess 🙄

I mean, if Pete Gammons was hyperventilating last night, what would he have done if he saw something actually impressive, like this:

I don’t even have a problem with the Yaz family thinking this is a big deal. It is…to THEM. To everyone else, it’s a cool little footnote. A nice happening. I also allow for the fact that it’s cool for the Old Sox fans who cheered for a bunch of teams who couldn’t win shit, to see their Patron Saint, Yaz, back at Fenway and relevant again. So why can’t we just let it happen…why does it have to hyped like it’s some legendary happening?

My problem is with the those- led by the Boston Chapter of the BBWAA- blowing this thing entirely out of proportion. Like it was some type of huge event. It was really a sad display last night, in the ballpark and all over social media.

I did try to fight back, and then we were blocked by Pete Abe.

This was, like I said, a nice little thing. Put a story in the paper, and interview Yaz about it. Just didn’t need to be the spectacle these clowns made it out to be. It was #NOTFUN

Wake me up when Ortiz’ grandkid is there…because Ortiz actually won a ring.

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