Hi-Topper Top 5 Cars Songs

RIP in peace to a real one – Mr. Ric Ocasek.

Hi-Topper Top 5 Cars Songs

5. It’s All I Can Do

4. Touch and Go

3. Let’s Go

2. Just What I Needed

1. Best Friend’s Girl

Listen folks, I respect the hell out of Ric Ocasek but the Lil’ Dogg has to keep it 💯 at all times. Facts is facts and the fact is this pup is a Benjamin Orr guy. Just prefer his vocals is all. That being said Ric wrote most everything so there’s that. Also by the by Ocasek was probably a better producer than front man so Major props to Ric for crafting the sound on classics such as Weezer’s Blue Album and for tricking a young Dogg into buying a terrible album by a long forgotten band the Pink Spiders just cuz I read you produced it. Thanks. I still want my 12.99 back.

Rest easy tall man.

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