Sox Ownership Confirm Rumors They are, in fact, Scumbags

The Red Sox Ownership has shown over the past 5 days, why many in New England feel that, despite their undeniable success on the field, they are a bunch of scumbags.


They do a lot of scumbag-type shit, it’s a constant thing. Whether it’s strong-arming their radio partner to oust their most successful radio host in over a decade, Kirk Minihane, from his morning show gig because he didn’t unconditionally suckle them at every turn (and then lying about having done it), or if it’s using their PR Department (The Boston Globe) to write rip jobs about the Patriots and anyone not politically aligned with them while ignoring any and all Sox-based controversy, they have a well-documented duplicitous reputation.

But this week took the cake. These guys fired their President of Baseball Operations some time after 11PM on a Sunday night, which so happened to be the same night as the Patriots’ opener- a 33-3 Beatdown of the hapless Steelers.

Let me say first, I’m good with dumping Dombo. Correct move. Now, what’s up with the timing?

Was it a news dump, when people wouldn’t notice it? 

Was it another jealous attempt to steal buzz away from the WAY more popular and releveant Patriots?

Or was it actually less nefarious because, as some have reported, Dombo went to them and forced their hand to make a decision now, rather than him linger as a lame duck until the end of the year?

Well, we don’t know because these chuckleheads refused to hold a press conference. Fire the top Baseball Executive in your organization roughly 10 months after winning a world series, signaling a huge shift in the direction of your franchise and what….can’t be bothered to leave your yacht, John? Where was former Cosby and Roseanne pal, Tom Werner? He couldn’t make it either?

To make it worse, they sent out their human shield (see what I did there) David Ortiz, to try and distract everyone by throwing the first pitch Monday night. Meanwhile Alex Cora and the players are left sitting there with their Louisville Sluggers in their hands answering questions about the front office shakeup. CLASS- LESS move.

Oh by the way, speaking of Ortiz, as best as I can tell- I’m not sure, there is no chance I’d pay to subscribe- the official Globe take remains that his shooting was a case of mistaken identity. Still don’t think they’ve printed one word about the “other woman”, the druglord, the alleged extorsion, potential ties to gangsters and money laundering…nope. A group of at least 4 people conspired to kill someone, and just mistook him for arguably the most famous person in the history of the country? Wow. The Red Sox PR machine keeps chugging, covering up any potential scandals for their own.

They were, however, VERY quick to have their longtime hatchet man make the “Sex trafficking” link to Bob Kraft. Hmmmm…. no agenda. Just journalism, right folks?

Kraft Globe


We can’t just chalk this up to inexperience. This group has been here for the better part of 20 seasons, spending much of that time in the spotlight. They know how it’s supposed to be handled. Also, most of the time they are TOO aware of public perception, and potential negative PR. In the most famous case of this, they themselves added the most fuel to the “Yawkey Way” fire. When a small group brought up concern about having named the street after a racist asshole, the Red Sox blew the story up on their own. I happen to not care at all that they took Yawkey’s name off the street, he was a piece of shit; but the entire episode screamed of pandering for “attaboys” (ironically, mostly granted through their own newspaper, but I digress). So don’t tell me they aren’t aware of how things play to the public.

And this is NOT just my opinion. Even the water-carrying jock-sniffers on the Sox beat didn’t like how this one played. You know when King of the Sox Twitter Cartel (and long time Le Cap nemesis) Pete Abe is going in on you this hard…it’s not a good look:

pete abe dombo

I’m proud of you Pete…seriously. Didn’t think you had it in you. You’re risking them taking away a 2nd helping at the Press Box Soft Serve Machine, and said it anyway. That is impressive. #BRAVE


This was not a misstep, this was a calculated FUCK YOU to everyone in town. Gonna criticize us this soon after winning? FUCK YOU. Gonna call me skeletor behind my back? FUCK YOU. Gonna keep talking about how my wife just wants my money? FUCK YOU.

They are really just not interested in explaining themselves to any of us. They don’t think they have to answer questions. Hey John, at least Belichick has the balls to stand there and basically tell reporters to F-off in person.

Not these guys. If you want to hear what they really think, you’ll have to subscribe to the State Sponsored Propaganda  The Globe, and wait for the inevitable Hohler hit piece where he accuses Dombrowski of a meth habit and running a puppy mill out of the back room of Eastern Standard.

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  1. I think we all know this is a “preview of coming attractions” for the free-agency shit-show coming this off-season. I also love the call-out on that Ortiz “mistaken identity” horse-shit. First of all, outside of Boston you need a miner’s helmet for all the digging you need to do to find a wisp of this story anymore. Second of all, if you look at the video of the shooting, even with the “third-world security-cam” quality of that footage, you can still plainly see Ortix was the intended target and there isn’t anybody near him who looks anything like him. Not to mention, if this really is “mistaken identity” then Florida Evans from “Good Times” better watch her ass, because she is the only person on earth who looks like Ortiz.


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