Hi-Top Definitive List of the Greatest Looking Sports Uniforms of All-Time

The Lil’ Dogg was flipping through the channels on the ol’ boob tube last night (yes this pup is so old school he’s still on cable) and happened to catch a glimpse of the majestic baby blue uniforms of the Philadelphia Phillies (playing on Network TV in the middle of the week no less so congrats on that MLB – reports of your imminent demise are surely premature). And that got the ol’ wheels turn in’ in this pup’s noggin and I just had to crank out The Definitive List of the Greatest Looking Sports Uniforms of All-Time.

So listen here folks we are talking strictly fashion on this list. This pup is looking at color schemes, cut, fabric, style – the whole shebang. Whether the team itself won or not is beside the point though coincidentally almost all of these picks were champions (sorry Hartford). Now you will notice a few trends. The uniforms that made the cut (pun intended) all had vibrant color schemes. No mono chromatic BS on this list. Sure the Raiders or the White Sox got a ton of play on the streets but black and silver or white shoes a complete lack of originality. Give this pup some pop, something that jumps of the screen.

9. 1980s Edmonton Oilers

The Great One was looking great all throughout the 80s. Orange & blue just plain works.

8. 1980s Miami Hurricanes

Ditto with orange & green. Frankly orange is the most under used color in sports.

7. Fab Five Michigan Basketball

Yellow is the other bastard step child of the color world in sports. Now mustard yellow is usually not a great look but pared tastefully with the Michigan blue it just works.

6. 1970s Pittsburgh Pirates Box Hats

The Pill Box Pirates is a love it or hate it situation where all the “hate it” people are just flat wrong. However this look only really works with the black hat-yellow shirt combination.

The all-yellow is just too much. Though professional Bad Ass Dave Parker can make anything look cool as hell.

5. Hartford Whalers

So beautiful it brings a tear to the eye.

4. ABA New York Nets

The only hoops uni to make the list. Not usually a fan of red, white and blue on teams but it’s the tiniest detail that makes the ABA Nets a classic and that’s the stars up the side. Sometimes the little things make all the difference.

3. 1995 Manchester City

Soccer Football kits are almost always trash just cuz of the huge sponsor logos but when you get the two greatest brothers of all-time in a baby blue shirt with the word “brother” on the chest the universe is telling you something.

2. Baby Blue Phillies

1. Baby Blue Cardinals

No surprise that the Top 3 is a complete Baby Blue sweep. Honestly first and second place here really comes down to personal preference and the Lil’ Dogg would not find fault with anyone arguing Philly in the top slot. Personally this pup will take The Wizard tho.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and the fact is that if you want your team to look good then put them in Baby Blue.

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