Hi-Top Golf – The Solheim Cup is Every Thing Golf Should (and Could) Be

What’s the Solheim Cup you ask?

Well an idiot would say it’s the Ryder Cup for the Ladies but more truthfully the Ryder Cup is looking like the boys version of the Solheim Cup cuz THE WOMEN ARE RUTHLESS!!!!

And the Lil’ Dogg is LOVING IT!!!!!!!

The Solheim pits the US versus Europe but unlike the men these women are out to spill guts and lift that trophy.

Danielle Kang is straight up lethal:

Kang is out here talking about taking souls while DJ and Brooks and the rest of the men were more concerned about private dinners in Paris and preserving endorsements than actually winning a trophy.

And the Euros ain’t backing down none themselves:

This is called good ol’ fashioned competition folks. And that’s is something the world of golf ESPECIALLY THE PGA sorely lacks.

The ladies play for a tenth of the cash but have all of the heart and fire and well frankly THE BALLS.

Kang is in Scotland acting like Hollywood Hogan in the NWO. Meanwhile Rory would be bitching about green speeds and the rough being to darn rough for his delicate wrists.

The PGA has become a cookie cutter, sponsor pleasing, insurance company promo, let’s not offend anyone group of checking cashing sycophants and has been for about 30 years. And why wouldn’t they be when sliding in at #95 for the year probably makes you $5 million.

But if you want a piece of actual competitive golf then throw your support behind the psychos playing their asses off for the Solheim Cup.

Go USA!!!!

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