The Ballad of Fat Tony

The word on the street that is that a couple of #regularguys are taking on Big Corporate and just plain kicking those Company Bootlickers asses all up and down the College Football gridiron.

Yes folks. It’s true. The Hi-Top Bets freight train is chugging along at a previously unheard of pace and is now 8-0* on the season.

*Now just wait a second there Lil’ Dogg, that can’t be true. Y’all took Texas last weekend. So that’s a loss right? Or at least a push?

Funny story about that LSU-Texas Matchup. Yes we did take Texas who ended up losing to LSU 45-38. At the time of our Friday blog the line had LSU laying 6.5. By kickoff the line had moved to 7. So at the very least Hi-Top was looking at a Push situation (which technically would still keep us undefeated for the year).

Then Fat Tony got involved. Hi-Top’s “guy” was having some technical difficulties with his phone.

Apparently he was on a nice little family vacation up in the White Mountains or the Adirondacks, or the Catskills, and cell phone service was less than reliable. In his haste to get out the lines he inadvertently hit a 1 before the 7 when relaying the Texas line. Texas +17. Fat Tony might not be the best in the biz, but he’s our guy.

Now obviously Texas was not getting 17 in this game anywhere on the planet. Hi-Top knee that and just assumed there had been a mistype and 7 was the real number. All well and good. And honestly the Push would have been a welcome result all things considered.

But Fat Tony is nothing if not a Stand Up Guy. Fat Tony has honor. Fat Tony lives by a code. This is why you go with Old School guys like Fat Tony or Slippery Pete, and not the huge online corporations, or the cell phone apps. Good luck calling the Barstool 800 number and getting them to admit a mistake.

A win is a win, right?

We’re certainly not going to say, “Listen Fat Tony a mistake is a mistake and even you are entitled to one every once and while. Please take the 500 dollars units. It’s yours.”

No. You play to win the game and sometimes the Referee gives you five downs instead of four.

Yeah I had to put that in cuz NOBODY but Hi-Top had Colorado this weekend. The Lil’ Dogg can sniff out frauds from 100 miles away and Nebraska stunk of it.

So the moral of the story is while the “advisors” at Barstool Big Corporate continue claim their dominance on the scene, the little guys, the #regularguys, who do this strictly out of love, continue to rack up win after win after win without a loss in sight.

Score one (or 8 in a row) for that scrappy Buccaneer Vessel know as Hi-Top Table Athletics.


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