Hi-Top Golf – Matt Kuchar is the Worst (Again and Again And Again…)

Golf’s ultimate “That Guy” Matt Kuchar has moved on from stiffing caddies to out right cheating:

Hey Matt why don’t ya just grab a shovel and dig out the whole bunker.

Listen I don’t hate Matt Kuchar…I LOATHE him. The dude is the absolute embodiment of everything that non-golfers hate about golf. And he’s the complete opposite of what is supposed to be the spirit of golf – sportsmanship, courtesy, honor etc etc. Kuchar has none of it. He’s ALWAYS looking to circumvent the rules for his own benefit. Whether it’s claiming a ridiculous “relief” from an otherwise fine lie or in this case just plain removing sand from a bunker, Kuchar will do it all.

“Play it as it lies.” That’s golf. And sadly Matt Kuchar ain’t playing golf.

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