Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 2 and Barstool Beef Breakdown

Is a 3-0 first week good?

Just asking for a friend Barstool cuz they really struggled:

Look folks, the Lil’ Dogg ain’t trying to pick a fight here. Some Stoolies came after us for politely pointing out that we at Hi-Top are FAR SUPERIOR college football handicappers than the nice folks at Barstool. And this pup respects the Stoolies unwavering (some would say blind) loyalty to Mr. Portnoy and his terrible gambling advice. So if you like wading through hundreds of not great picks by a wide variety of ill informed “advisors” then certainly go follow Barstool. But if you want winners then you are in the right place.

Season Recap So Far

Yeah we are undefeated. 4-0 on our weekly blog picks. Just thought I’d mention that again.

Week 2

The second weekend of the CFB season is by far the worst when it comes to picking games. Week 1 all the big boys are beating up on the small fish so you grab a few huge spreads and hope the third stringers will be allowed to score. And by Week 3 you pretty much know what’s what, who the contenders are and who the pretenders are. But Week 2 is no man’s land. The match-up are all over the place. Some teams are starting their Conference schedules. Some are still picking off 1AA opponents and a few are actually playing meaningful tough non-conference games. But have no fear, Hi-Top Bets is here to guide you.

LSU at Texas +6.5

The marquee game of the weekend is a Top 10 matchup between two storied programs. The Longhorns are a home dog, two words that make this pup’s toes curl with joy. It’ll be interesting to see where this line lands come kickoff but right now at 6.5 I’ll take Texas all day long.

UCF (-10.5) at FAU

The Knights roll. Honestly shocked this line isn’t 20+.

Wyoming (-6.5) at Texas State

The Cowboys ended last season on a tear and started right back up with a big W at Mizzo last weekend. 6.5 is out right stealing. Grab this one if you can folks.

One We Like Not Love

The boys at Hi-Top HQ are feeling ourselves a bit so here’s a little Bonus Jonas game that piques our interest. Play this one at your own risk:

Nebraska at Colorado (+4)

Trust me when I say the Lil’ Dogg had the Cornhuskers trouble with South Alabama PEGGED last weekend. It didn’t make our official picks and this pup is still chasing his tail over that so to rectify the situation I just couldn’t NOT pull the trigger on the Buffaloes. There’s just something about Nebraska that has me screaming “THEY ARE NOT BACK!!!!” A lot of storied programs are rebounding this year but the red and white ain’t one of them. Trust me, they will be 4th place in the Big 10 Legends Division or whatever by the end of the year.

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