Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 1

Hello Friends and welcome back to the most glorious time of year – College Football Season.

Yes technically the season has actually started already and your welcome for your Week 0 Winner – Miami +7. Hi-Top was all over that one while some other “sites” were saying UF all day. Okay listen I’m talking about Barstool here and this is the God’s honest truth – Dave Portnoy is a TERRIBLE handicapper. The dude may know horses but he’s literal horseshit when it comes to picking College Football games. So if you want unfunny really bad advice go watch that Barstool show. If you want winners come to Hi-Top.

For all the newbies, here’s the deal. We don’t handicap a million games then cherry pick our success. No. We give you our best plays each week. 2-4 truly solid picks. Go follow our Twitter (@HiTopAthletics) for some bonus picks each weekend if you’re jonesing for more but our weekly blog is the place to get our locks.

Season Record – 1-0

Week 1 Picks

The smartest advice about betting College Football would actually be the SKIP THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF THE SEASON but while that would be smart it wouldn’t be much fun. So instead you have to get down in the weeds, wade through all the gigantic spreads and find the diamonds. Or just go with the Big Boys and hope even the third stringers want to score.

Duke v Alabama (-33.5)

Bama will be chasing Clemson all the way to the last game of the season. It’s basically a foregone conclusion even after Bama inevitably loses to another SEC team and still gets in to the playoffs. So if Clemson put up 52, Saban is gonna want 60.

La Tech at Texas (-19.5)

The Longhorns are back. For real. They return most of a team that quietly went 10-4 and won the Sugar Bowl last year. Texas wins big.

Syracuse (-18) at Liberty

And the Cuse are back too????? Yes. Yes they are. The Orange roll to an easy 4 TD win in this one.

There you go folks. 3 solid plays. Do what you will. We are only here to provide the information but it is the best information you will find. Believe that.

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