While We are Talking About Kickers…How Insane were Barefoot Kickers

Kickers. So hot right now. All the cool teens are talking about kickers.

Obviously Carli Lloyd is at the forefront of the current kicker talk renaissance and for good reason. Le Cap was pretty dead on with his take so we won’t rehash that one but instead let’s focus on the apex, the high water mark, the “That Really Happened” moment in football kicking history – mother-effing BAREFOOT KICKERS.

Just take look at these nut jobs:

The first question is obviously what strain of wacky tobaccy was the dude smoking who first thought, “Gee I bet I’d kick even better if I took my shoe offf!!!!”

What reasoning could there possibly have been??? Better “feel”???? You’re kicking a damn leather ball as hard and as far as you can not sculpting clay. There is no feel. Just kick the thing.

And it’s not like these dudes were all playing for the Dolphins or the Chargers. Rich Karlis played for the DENVER BRONCOS!!!!!

This madman kicked barefoot in the SNOW for crissakes:

(Love the Pony cleat by the by)

Of all the “trends” in every sport ever played I dare anyone to top barefoot kicking in football. It’d be like a centerfielder deciding he’d be better with no glove or a hockey player getting on the ice in boat shoes. It’s that crazy.

And sadly it seems we will never see this level of insanity on the gridiron ever again. Football, especially the NFL, has become so rigid there’s no way a team would ever take a gamble on a barefoot kicker.

Then again everyone says it’s a copycat league…just takes one right…

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