No. Carli Lloyd Can’t be an NFL Kicker….YET.

Carli Lloyd caused a bit of a frenzy last week when she drilled a 55 yard FG while dropping in on Eagles- Ravens joint practice.


This set off some serious internet debate on whether or not she could (or even should) pursue an opportunity to become an NFL kicker. Many– perhaps riding high off the USWNT victory, or simply searching for Twitter “attaboys”– are all aboard the Kicker Carli train.  Others have just scoffed at the idea. A few have reasoned opinions, but there were mostly a lot of  versions of “girls can’t play football”.

Luckily, I’m here to break it all down and definitively tell you whether or not Carli Lloyd should make a real run at this thing.


Let me say right up front, there is  ZERO CHANCE Carli Lloyd could be an NFL kicker right now. 


She couldn’t even hack it as a legit second stringer in an NFL camp. I know there is some buzz that she received offers to kick this week. But she made 100% the right call in passing on those. Her kicking now would’ve been nothing but a gimmick.

Look at the video. She takes a 5 step run-up…that needs to be 2-2.5 steps max, or she’s not getting a kick past the line of scrimmage, let alone a legitimate FG attempt. Also, there is timing between the snapper, holder and kicker that can’t be mastered in a couple of weeks.


Now, she obviously has the leg strength, and in this one attempt we saw, accuracy wasn’t a problem. But there is so much more to it than that. Which is why her trying to kick now (and failing) would actually set back her chances, and frankly any woman’s chances, of a legitimate opportunity. And THAT, is what I really want to see: Carli Lloyd attempting to kick for real in the NFL.


I admit, some of what’s driving my opinion is seeing people’s heads explode when she enters camp. But I really do think she, or someone like her, could definitely end up kicking for real in the National Football League. 


The state of kickers right now in the league is complete trash. We have one of “the best” here in New England, and HE SUCKS. Chokes in every big game, gets the shanks way too often, and according to Bennygloves he can’t kick on soft turf…whatever the hell that is. And just look at this bozo from last night in Chicago:

The situation in college is even worse. Teams just go for two in every big spot. So bring in the new blood, wherever it comes from.

I see no reason why, if Lloyd quits soccer and works with a kicking coach for the next year, she can’t be competing for a spot in camp next year. She is 38, so she better get going on this, but I don’t think it’s far fetched at all.

And before one of you good ol’ boys gives me “how will she hold up on kickoff team”, let me learn you a little something. Kick returns will be completely legislated out of the game in no time. Not to mention, how many times do kickers actually do anything on a return anyway? Once or twice a year a kicker will actually tackle someone, and it ends up on every highlight show. Usually, they end up just trying to get in the way and slow the returner down for a second…and they usually fail. Because they aren’t real football players.

Are you telling me Carli Lloyd can’t do that as well as guys like Martin Gramatica??? He was like 5’8″ 150, same as Lloyd, and unlike him, she is a world class athlete.


Or how about Tony Franklin…homeboy (also 5’8″) didn’t even wear a fuckin’ shoe.




If Carli Lloyd, or another female athlete, were looking to become a middle linebacker, OK we can talk about the merits of that. But she is interested in becoming a kicker. They aren’t football players. They are specialists. And their current level of play isn’t very special. So, let’s get Carli or anyone else in the mix for a job. #Carli2020


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