All the Best Blink 182 Songs are Mark Songs Anyways

Blink-182 is set to release their NINTH album soon and since it happens to be their second with Matt Skiba on guitars instead of original founding member Tom DeLonge the usual chorus of “Where’s Tom?” can be yet again heard loud and clear.

And since the Lil’ Dogg is the LAST TRUE VOICE OF REASON left on the Internet, this pup is here to say – “I kinda dig this new version of Blink.”

Listen folks classic Blink is classic Blink. That’s unimpeachable. I’m not here to besmirch the legacy of the greatest band of the nineties (yeah I said it). But facts is facts and the fact is that Tom is kinda sorta mostly a batshit alien obsessed weirdo who’s really hard to get along with. And also kinda sorta mostly Matt Skiba has a better voice and plays guitar just as well as Tom.

Is new Blink the same as old Blink?

Of course not. But even with Tom it wouldn’t be the same and (hence the entire point of this article) the truth is Mark Songs were always better than Tom Songs anyways.

Hi-Top Top 5 Blink 182 Songs (That are also all Mark Songs)

5. Emo

The Lil’ Dogg and The Sophomore (remember him?) recently reignited a 20 year long argument we’ve been having about the Emo Credentials of various bands and while no definitive conclusions as reached as far as Blink goes the Exhibit A evidence in favor of Blink being quite Emo would be the fact that they had a song called “Emo” five years before most anyone had even heard the word. All that being said “Emo” the song still kicks major ass.

4. Going Away to College

Basically every song on Enema is a pop-punk classic. The entire record kills but Going Away is a personal fav.

3. Go

I’ll go to war over Go being the best track on Blink’s self titled record. This song goes…

2. Dammit

The hit that started it all was a Mark Song.

1. Lemmings

Yes Lemmings. It’s the best Blink song. Fight me.

Now also consider that this list doesn’t even include Josie, The Party Song, Apple Shampoo, Adam’s Song, Waggy and many more.

Yes the secret sauce of original Blink was the chemistry between Mark and Tom. But unfortunately that’s been gone for a long time. Old Blink is lost and gone forever and new Blink ain’t half bad if you actually give them a chance.

And besides…

Mark Songs >>>>>>> Tom Songs



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