Baseball Continues to Die a Slow Death

Dude 1 -“Blah blah blah Mike Trout blah blah blah….”

Dude 2 – “Baseball?????? Nobody cares! That sport is dying.”

Go to any sports bar in America and you will no doubtedly (is that a word?) hear this conversation verbatim. It’s the talk of the town heard on everyone’s lips.

Is baseball dying or is it already dead?

Well if recent news is any indication then me thinks we all already know the answer:

$1 BILLION for the Kansas City Royals????????

Well shit, you didn’t expect to get the secret sauce to Dan Quisenberry’s submarine wind-up for free did ya????

Now listen Hi-Top Nation, the Lil’ Dogg gets it. $1 Billion sure sounds like a lot of money for a mid market Mid-West ball club that currently sits 40 games below the .500 mark.

But for those of you who like this pup did not waste spend 100 grand on an MBA, whenever you are looking at any business deal you have to consider the assets!!!!

We already mention Quisennberry’s revolutionary pitching method but don’t forget about the unlimited supplies of pine tar:

And what about those wall walking cleats the Royals had their outfielders wearing in the 80s. Now that’s some Next Gen Tech right there:

You see Sherman isn’t actually buying a “baseball team” here. That would be silly. Nobody in their right mind would spend a billion dollars for some rinky-dink ball club playing a sport nobody cares about. What Sherman is really purchasing is a multi-level Tech Company. And those, folks, are HOT properties. If you can have a glorified office rental company giving themselves a 20x valuation cuz they use an app to do business then certainly a ball club conducting NASA level experiments on the best angle to throw a pitch or how to patrol the outfield at zero gravity is worth every penny of that billion.

So kudos to whatshisname Sherman for grabbing up the next Apple, the next Google, at what will surely be considered a bargain deal.

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