MLS is a running an Epic Ponzi Scheme and it’s Hilarious

Let me preface this by saying the Lil’ Dogg is a soccer guy. Love the footy. Up the Toffees and the Rovers. This pup supports teams all up and the English Football Pyramid. And this also will not be a rant about “soccer vs football” or the disparity between the level of play here and abroad.

No. This is strictly about the MLS being a straight up Ponzi Scheme.

St. Louis was just announced as the 28th expansion team set to join the MLS in 2022.

And they only had to pay $200 MILLION for the prestigious opportunity to play soccer in a league that gets worse TV ratings than Real Housewives reruns.

St. Louis is one of 4 teams coming to the league over the next few years and with the exception of Miami who had a sweetheart deal via David Beckham, they all are paying upwards of $150-200 MILLION. Money that gets split amongst the “investors” of the league.

And this has been going on for the last ten years or so with no stopping in sight. The league is already shopping spots 29 and 30 for even pricier sums.

If that ain’t a Ponzi Scheme then ol’ Charles himself is rolling over in his grave.

Now again, I support the struggles of American soccer. The sport itself is the absolute pinnacle of TV sport watching. No commercials. No replay reviews. Endless action even when there seemingly is no action.

And if the MLS was actually gaining a foothold in the American sports landscape then maybe the hundreds of millions could be justified. Maybe.

But soccer has been touted as the SPORT OF THE FUTURE for about 30 years now and if anything the American version of the sport is less visible now than it was back when Alexi Lallas and Colby Jones were swinging their respective hairdos all over the fields of America.

Sure FIFA and the Premier League are growing and growing but that’s had zero effect on the MLS.

At this point the MLS is less a sport league and more a get rich quick Scheme trapping in as many celebrity owners as they can snatch up.

Alright alright alright.


  1. The best part. The World Wide Bottom Feeder (ESPN) went out of it’s way to talk about how “ground-breaking” it was that the St. Louis franchise had majority-female ownership, and all I could think was “So, now MLS steals from women too. Now there’s’ progress!”


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