Hi-Top Bets – The #1 College Football Handicappers on the Internet are Back!


Yeah we’ll say it. That’s damn good. In fact go find anyone on the Internet with a better track record on College Football picks last season. Don’t worry. I’ll wait…oh you couldn’t find anyone else even close to our level….that’s cuz when it comes to College Football HI-TOP IS THE BEST!

And we are right back at it for 2019 Season. Each week Hi-Top will give you the picks that no one else is giving. We specialize in finding the hidden gems, the over looked lines, the trends that only we can see. Trust in Hi-Top and you will walk away a winner.

A Little Something to Wet the Beak

Miami v Florida (Orlando – Neutral Field)

The U takes on the Gators to kickoff the 2019 campaign. If we are being honest a Miami-UF matchup hasn’t been exciting since Chis Doering was hauling in TD after TD in the late 90s. But have things finally changed down in Godforsaken Florida. The Gators are entering the season ranked #8 and ended last season with a thorough dismantling of Michigan while the U has mostly been known more for their “Turnover Chain” than any actual on field accomplishments.

The Pick – Miami +7

The first couple of weeks of the College Football Season are basically a roll of the dice. It takes 2-3 weeks before you can truly get a real sense of what teams are all about. Betting Lines are all over the place. New stars emerge out of nowhere. We are working on feel to start the year and this one feels like a “Take the Points” situation. The Gators are starting four new faces on the O-Line while The U returns a fearsome Front 7 on D. That’s a recipe for disaster for the Gators. Or at least a recipe for keeping this game close. Florida will win but it won’t be be much. Confidence Level is at about a 7.5 on this pick so don’t go betting your entire roll here but if you are looking to get things going early the Canes are pick.

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