Does Anyone in the World Love Anything as Much as Antonio Brown LOVES His Helmet…or Does He Really?????

Yes we are entering Week 437658 of Helmet Gate as Antonio Brown attempts yet again to get his favorite security blanket football helmet back.

Now most of the Hot Takes floated by the Genius Sports Media have revolved around dissection of Antonio’s special hat. The specs, the years, the testing….the BULLSHITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!


Can we all please agree that Antonio is really just running an epic “How Can I get out of Training Camp” scam right????

He doesn’t give two shits about this helmet. He just doesn’t want to go to practice.

And the Lil’ Dogg fully supports this.

Kudos to Mr. Brown.

There are not many things stupider on God’s Green (for now) Earth than Pre-Season NFL football. The fact that they make these guys play actual games is down right criminal. I understand that practice *Iverson voice* PRACTICE is necessary but as anyone who’s played any sport at any level knows – practice sucks. Nobody wants to practice.

So let’s all give Antonio Brown a well deserved round of applause for coming up with the most ingenious way that a professional athlete has ever devised to get out of having to go to practice.

Well played sir. Well played.

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