The Rain King is Dead. Adam Duritz cuts his Dreads. Plus Bonus Hi-Top Top 5 All-Time White Guys with Dreadlocks

White guys with dreads are flat out hilarious. They’re also terribly wrong and the highest level of cultural appropriation. Yes of course.

But again they are also top notch laugh out out loud ridiculous. And in the case of Adam Duritz, his dreads have not only been his personal trademark but a culture touch stone for the 1990s. The visual of Duritz belting out Mr. Jones is a go-to “This was the 90s” image that will always get trotted out. The fact that is 2019 and we are just now finally getting the “Adam Duritz Cuts His Dreads” news flash is actually quite amazing. Dude held out A LOT longer than anyone would have bet. End of an era that ended 20 years ago.

Hi-Top Top 5 All-Time White Guys with Dreadlocks

5. The “Tap the Bottle” Dude

The guys in Young Black Teenagers were neither young nor black and absolutely nothing about them made sense but “Tap the Bottle and Twist the Cap” was a certified banger.

4. Kyle Beckerman

It’s hard enough being a professional soccer player in America but adding in white guy dreads too – talk about an American Hero right here folks.

3. “Mind Blowin” Vanilla Ice

Yes this really happened.

2. Adam Duritz

When the aliens land and comb through the rubble of the world and eventually get to the 1990s they will stumble upon an episode of Friends, a Nirvana poster and a chubby white dude with dreadlocks who seemingly dated every single hot chick for 10 straight years. Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox – still has never been an explanation of how that happened. Winona Ryder. Mary Louise Parker. Samantha Mathis. Emmy Rosum. Monica Potter. Christina Applegate. Laura Flynn Boyle. Mandy Moore….it’s really both never ending and unbelievable….

1. Drexl Spivey

The baddest white boy to ever (fictionally) live.

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