Oh? So NOW People Agree Conor McGregor is a Piece of Shit?!?!

Irish MMA Fighter and Long-time Dickhead Conor McGregor is in some hot water today, as footage of him punching an old guy in the head has hit the internet.

Now, look, any fan of mine knows I am not surprised. Not even a little bit. I’ve written about this (tiny) pile of human excrement before. I awarded him my Tool Belt Award in November of 2017, after this self-obsessed & heavily-concussed douche nozzle stormed the ring or something or other… I confused by all of his half-brained attempts at PR.

Now, after all of his antics, the Irish Napoleon manages to top himself, by hauling off and hitting an old guy in the head because he doesn’t want a shot of McGregor’s fermented Proper piss in a bottle?

My theory is that this is jealousy. He’s jealous of the guy, because by the time the Diminutive Dubliner is 50 he’ll be a drooling mess with shriveled balls who won’t be able to spell his own name, let alone sit in a bar without a home health aide. To be fair, though, that’s not too far from where he his now.

The good news for Conor is, this probably ups his chances at a rematch with Pretty Boy Floyd, who truly respects a good whooping on someone who can’t defend themselves. So, by all means, let’s give these two shitheels another 100M.* Maybe they can get a Tyreke Hill- Adrian Peterson undercard going.

*By the way, I watched that fight for free, don’t pay them anything. It was also more boring than a 2018 Orioles game. 

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