“Truth Hurts” for Mike Zimmer as Vikings Camp Unravels Over Lizzo Jealousy

Queen Lizzo got a new man on the Minnesota Vikings and sources tell Hi-Top that jealousy over the R&B Star is tearing apart Mike Zimmer’s team.

Arguments and finger pointing amongst players has become a near daily occurrence –

And Zimmer is clearly distraught:

So far Lizzo herself has refused to comment but if things continue down the current path there will be no choice but to address the situation from the top down.

But the real question remains – Who is this “new man” really?

Early reports suggested Storm Norton –

With his luscious hair and piercing eyes he certainly appears to be Lizzo’s type however new info points toward star receiver Stefon Diggs.

Pictured below is Diggs giving what appears to be a coded hand message to Lizzo herself:

Notice the right hand in the shape of an “L” and the left in an “O”.

That’s pretty damning evidence folks.

No matter who the “new man” does turn out to be there is no doubt that Lizzo has already had a profound effect on the Minnesota Vikings season.

“Why men great till they gotta be great” is certainly THE question for the 2019 Vikings but more importantly is whether love and the truth will tear the team apart.

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