But Who is Damon Sheehy-Giuseppe Really?

So this Damon Sheehy-Giuseppe fellow is the King of the Internet right now. The feel good story of the new NFL season. And sure that’s all well and good and on its surface the whole thing sure sounds great but does it really?????? We here at Hi-Top have done absolutely no research into Sheehy-Giuseppe’s life but we do have questions.

Hi-Top Top 5 🤔 Things About This Sheehy-Giuseppe Character

5. Gym Membership Guest Passes????

So you’re telling me this dude “lived” at a 24 Hour Gym through the use of “guest passes”. Like how did that work? Nobody questioned the dude camped out making a bed out of the incline bench? And where did these guest passes come from? Couldn’t these people with enough money for gym memberships just give Sheehy a spot on their couch or their damn living room floor. If you are going to go to the lengths of breaking the sacred rules at your gym and blatantly abusing the guest pass policy couldn’t you instead just let the dude crash at your pad???

4. Charged Phone in Laundromat

Sure. Fine. Who cares? Not having a phone would be a story in this day and age. Charging one in a laundromat is like the least interesting place I’ve ever heard of someone charging a phone. I’ve seen someone interrupt Sunday Mass to ask the Father if there was a plug behind the Alter cuz they were down to single digits on their juice. Now that’s a story.

3. The End Zone Tackle

Sheehy gets JACKED UP by one of his teammates in the End Zone. It isn’t a truly great celebration of a touchdown if someone doesn’t get at least a little injured.

2. “Fibbed” his way into a tryout

Only Darren Rovell. Nobody else would write “fibbed”. And that is why Darren is the GOAT.

1. Eating at “random” cookouts?

Okay. Okay. Of all the details in this story this is the one that just doesn’t pass the smell test. Le Cap summed up this one pretty good:

Is he just driving around looking for cookouts? If we are talking about a Holiday then sure you see cookouts all over the place but just your average day? Maybe maybe on a Saturday afternoon with the sun out you might happen across multiple cookouts on the same day, maybe, but as your primary source of food you are telling me this guy relies on cookouts…no way. Calling bull shit on that one.

Listen we aren’t trying to shit on this guy or the story because it is remarkable. It is. And we really hope this dude makes the Browns roster and has a great career but the needless media over hype twisting a good story in to some movie magic super story is just too much. I’m sure the basic facts of what this guy went through are amazing enough on their own without adding in gratuitous over exaggeration that will surely fall apart under closer inspection. Just celebrate Sheehy and cheer him on without trying to gin up some Story of the Century crap.

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