Fernando Tatis Jr Appreciation Society

If the Lil’ Dogg was 10 years old right now this pup would be investing his entire life savings in Fernando Tatis Jr Rookie Baseball cards cuz this dude is absolutely electric on a nightly basis.

That was Tatis hitting his 20th ding dong last night which might not seem that impressive except for the fact that the kid can also do this:

Yeah he tagged up on a pop up to the SECOND BASEMAN!

And he’s done it multiple times:

Even when he’s just getting out of the way of an errant pitch Tatis is more entertaining than 99% of the ball players in the Majors:

Caught in a pickle, no worries cuz Tatis also controls The Matrix:

The fact is Tatis should be the hottest thing in sports right now, Griffey in ’89 level mania over this kid. The dude is a Rock Star:

But alas the casual sports fan probably thinks the San Diego Padres Franchise folded 10 years ago. This is Major League Baseball we are talking about folks.

Anywho, get those Tatis Jr. Rated Rookies while you can. Let’s just all cross our fingers and hope we aren’t looking at a Todd Zeile repeat cuz if anyone’s looking I got about two dozen Zeile Rookies in a cardboard box somewhere.

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