Pitchers in the Outfield, Outfielders Pitching, Dogs and Cats Living Together…Mass Hysteria in the MLB

That’s Phillies Pitcher Vince Velasquez throwing out a runner at home while Phillies Outfielder Roman Quinn (who had homered earlier in the game) pitches.

Granted this was in the 15th Inning and strange things tend to happen in extra inning affairs but this also comes on the heels of the Tampa Rays using a controversial double switch to keep a pitcher in a game against the Red Sox and not to mention the new school “Opener” specialist pitching strategy as well as Two-Way players and well this ain’t your Granddaddy’s National Pastime folks.

And the Lil’ Dogg applauds it all.

Listen. Le Cap doesn’t want to hear this but Baseball is a DYING SPORT!!!! The numbers don’t lie. No kids play baseball. You win two games in Little League and you qualify for the World Series in Williamsport. I grew up in a town that had 4 different Leagues with 12 teams each and nowadays that same town has four Little League teams TOTAL! The average age of a MLB viewer is roughly 76.6 years old.

But the worst part of all is that NOBODY CARES!

You have arguably some of the most talented baseball players to ever step on a field playing in the Majors right now and even if Mike Trout hit seven homers in one game, LeBron dunking at his kids AAU game would still get more attention.

That’s just facts folks.

So what Major League Baseball needs is more of last night. Mix things up. Make it interesting. If games are going to take 6 hours to play then there sure as shit better be some wacky shenanigans going on. Otherwise what’s the point?

The Lil’ Dogg doesn’t just want pitchers in the outfield and double switches. No. Let’s get really weird. I want six outfielders and no infielders. I want a team to pull their catcher when no one is on base. I want nine pitchers on the field at the same time rotating who pitches to which batter. I want all lefties….in the field!!!!

Let’s do this folks. For the first time in history let’s make baseball fun.

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