Take off the Pink Hat and be honest. Dombo NAILED this trade deadline.

Everyone is up in arms about the Red Sox (lack of) activity before yesterday’s trade deadline. Criticism ranging from your run-of-the-mill rants, to people calling for Dombrowski’s job. Some even swearing they’ll no longer be fans as long as he’s in charge.

My take on this



There is absolutely no urgency to win with this team right now. They’ve won 3 straight division titles. They just won a World Freaking Series. And the “window” that was going to close after this year, is still open. They locked up their ace for a few more years. They signed one of the best young SS’s in the game to a STEAL of a contract (and early returns are incredible). Nobody of any importance is entering free agency. What’s the rush?

This team entered the year with a bad bullpen, and still have a bad bullpen. That’s true. But it’s far from the only issue. They’ve also drastically underachieved. They aren’t going to beat Houston playing like this, with Shane Greene, or anyone else. They have fundamental issues that a reliever or two aren’t going to fix.

They entered this year with a little too much swag. Cora (who I love as a manager) thought he was Connie Mack, and was going to revolutionize Spring Training by, well, not really doing anything. This…didn’t work.


On balance, the season hasn’t really gotten much better since March. They’ve struggled to find an identity, and a groove. Betts and Sale have underperformed. Porcello is useless. JD Martinez has been a mere mortal All-Star hitter, not the MVP-Caliber one he was last year.

Was adding a bullpen arm or two going to solve the problems? Nope.  The only way this team contends is if the Starters pitch up to their ceilings, which hasn’t happened yet, why should we think it’ll happen now.

Dombo did the RIGHT THING. Don’t throw good money after bad. Protect what desirable assets you have and head into the offseason armed to improve the team. It’s Betts’ walk year, you’ll have some more flexability with Porcello and Sandoval’s $ coming off the books. That’s when you strike.

You fucked up this offseason, fine. Fix it next offseason, when you don’t have to overpay for middling relievers.

The biggest criticism of Dombrowski before yesterday was that he emptied the system of young, high-end prospects. Well, the farm has had a decent year on that front, and they’re actually building something. Now, the same people are mad he didn’t send a few of these for some Flash in the Pan closer?! C’MON MAN! Take off the pink hats.





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