Hi-Top Golf – Sergio is the WORST…Again

It’s been roughly 3,783 days since the last time Sergio Garcia won a golf tournament but it’s been about six hours since the last time Sergio Garcia was a complete ASSHAT.

Video has now surfaced of Garcia the Brat tossing his driver at his unsuspecting poor caddie after yet another wayward drive:

That makes a Baker’s Dozen worth of on course incidents for Garcia and that’s just this year. Between spitting into cups, smashing greens, hacking bunkers and just general asshatery (that’s today’s Pee Wee’s Playhouse Secret Word folks) Garcia has surely reached the end of golf’s etiquette rope.

Yet what has the PGA or the Euro Tour or anyone done about Garcia’s antics?

That’s right. Zilch. And until someone drops a well deserved and overdue SUSPENSION on Garcia’s asshat ass he will continue to make a mockery of golf’s vaunted “gentleman’s sport” reputation.

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