NFL Training Camp Arrivals are Officially Absurd

Football training camp at any level is the exact opposite of fun. The days are long and hot and sweaty and nobody other than psycho football freaks actually want to be there. So I suppose if you absolutely have to go to a football training camp then you might as well use your last moments of freedom doing something fun, ridiculous and just plain absurd like showing up to camp in an armored truck:

I’m sure football hardo Tom Coughlin loves this.

Training Camp “arrivals” have become a THING the last few years with the rise of Instaface and Snapgram and all the other social media BS (yes the Lil’ Dogg is completely aware of the irony folks) but a Brinks Truck arrival just might be the Show Stopper. Get that money indeed.

However if a football player really wanted to make a statement to their team and the NFL they’d roll up to camp in a hospital bed with an EKG monitor and a Brain Doctor.

Now that would be an entrance.

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