People are calling the Undefeated Summer League Boston Celtics the Greatest Basketball Team Ever Assembled

The 2019 Boston Summer League Celtics have never lost a game. This is a fact.

The 1986 World Champion Boston Celtics lost plenty of games. Same goes for the 96 Bulls and the 87 Lakers and any other “All-Time” Team you can think of.

Even the 1992 Dream Team lost to Bobby Hurley and those College Kids.

But not the ’19 Celtics. Undefeated Baby. Just look at these Superstars.


The World’s Tallest Tacko:

Even that dude nobody wanted them to draft is an All-Time Great:

Sure sure. I know what you’re thinking. “It’s Summer League.”

Exactly. It is Summer League, emphasis on LEAGUE.

This is competitive basketball and the Boston Celtics are DOMINATING.

And that Hi-Top Nation is something worth celebrating.

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