Let the Tacko Era Begin!

Goodbye Sweet Prince!

Sad but not unexpected. YABU Jay has not improved really at all in 3 years. But as the geniuses know as Semisonic once so elegantly told us, “Every new beginning is done other beginning’s end”.

And thus the Tacko Era Begins!

Really there’s no other reason a guy would get waived in the middle of Summer League unless you really wanted to open up a roster spot in a bad bad way. Or YABU did something stupid that got him packing his bags but I highly doubt that. By all accounts his a good dude who basically knew his spot on the team was in jeopardy and he need to prove his worth in Summer League play.

Unfortunately for YABU Tacko Fall has absolutely stolen the show in Vegas.

Yes yes yes. It’s just Summer League. But regardless people were convinced this dude could not play in the NBA prior to this past week. And now here we are. So take that for data.


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