Let the Kemba Era Begin!

*Have you heard about this? Have you read about this?

Kyrie Irving refused REFUSED to sign 100 basketballs for charity. Just plain said “NOPE, not doing it and also the very nature of my handwritten signature is but a fleeting moment that shall pass unto the sands of time. And what is time but human construct meant to bind us and restrict us. Also don’t eat meat.”

And at that exact same moment in Charlotte, North Carolina Kemba Walker was not only donating his extra kidney to a deaf and blind child but he was performing the surgery himself while simultaneously signing ONE MILLION basketballs for the less fortunate.

*League sources indicate

Now listen Hi-Top Nation, the Lil’ Dogg does not judge. This pup simply passes on information that that I may come across that seems relevant and well the above story certainly passes the smell test right? It sure as heck sounds like something both of those guys would do.

Anywho, Kyrie is OUT and Kemba is IN.

Long live Danny Ainge!

This pup has no time to go through all the numbers – it’s summer right, let some Nerd at The Ringer do that – but I’m pretty pretty sure that Kemba not only out played but out classed Kyrie every time the Celtics matched up against the Hornets over the last few years.

But let’s forget all the stats. The bottom line is Kemba Walker is hungry. This dude wants to compete and win on the basketball court. And that is exactly what the Boston Celtics of 2019-20 need. This is a great signing. This is an UPGRADE.

Big Al

Bye bye Al Horford. I get it. Everyone loved the dude. He was a great guy. But the simple fact is that a four year contract to Al Horford at age 33 is an ALBATROSS. If Big Al was such a needed veteran presence for the Celtics then how come he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fix the locker room problems this past year? Riddle me that one Batman! In two years it will be Buyout City for Big Al. Sorry not sorry. Facts is facts and that is a fact.

2020 Boston Celtics

G – Kemba Walker

G – Jaylen Brown

G – Marcus Smart

F – Jayson Tatum

F – Gordon Hayward

Give me that small ball lineup six days a week and thrice on Sunday. Those five guys win the East.

Book it!

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