The Maine Red Claws had a Great Night at the NBA Draft

It’s been a hell of a couple weeks for the Boston Celtics and I mean that in the worst possible of ways.

Kyrie? Gone.

Al? Bye bye.

Baynes? Baynes!!!!! Please God not Bangers too!

There’s catastrophes and then there’s the 2019 Boston Celtics NBA Draft. The C’s came into the night with 3 pretty useless first round picks due to their middling spots – 14, 20, and 22.

The Celts stayed pat at 14 and walked away with a G League caliber lottery pick. Listen folks I’m sure Romeo Langford is a great kid and all but let’s just hope he appreciates the Portland, Maine restaurant scene cuz he’s going to be spending ALOT of time up there. Get yourself a Canadian Goose Jacket kid.

Next the “genius” Danny Ainge decides that what the Celtics really needed was MORE DRAFT PICKS! So Boston traded back two spots to get an additional Second Round pick. It was at this point that the Lil’ Dogg began to suspect that this whole operation had been outsourced to the Maine Red Claws.

Again, I’m sure Grant Williams is a lovely young man but when MULTIPLE analysts start off their break downs off your game but mentioning how you used to be really fat and finally got in shape and then proceed to mention that fact over and over instead of any actual basketball related skills well that’s…

Williams also has short arms and can’t jump so he’s got that going for him.

In the Second Round, the Celtics decided to address a pretty critical team need – Point Guard. They got Carsen Edwards at 33 and Tremont Waters at 51. Edwards was a NCAA Tourney darling but frankly under performed all year at Purdue. He’s short at barley 6 feet but guess what? Waters is even SHORTER. Both guys will be competing for minutes at PG….in Portland.

Yes it was an historic night for the Portland Red Claws who should be instantly vaulted to Major Contenders for the coveted G League Championship.

As for the Boston Celtics…

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