1994 – The Year That Broke the World

No matter your race, creed, religion, political conviction or whatever else tends to divide people there is one thing that we can all agree on – the world is broken.

And if we trace back the cracks of our broken world I think we find that the year that truly destroyed us all happened 25 years ago – 1994.

The most remembered event from 1994, at least here in America, is of course the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman and subsequent OJ Simpson circus. The OJ case being the Big Bang of our current reality/celebrity/Kardashian Nightmare is well worn territory but it bares repeating that the Kardashians now rule America because they got famous for being linked to a double murder. If that ain’t a Deal with the Devil situation I don’t know what is.

But the Simpson Murder is far from the only 1994 event that effectively destroyed the world.

On July 5, 1994 Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.

Today Bezos is basically Dr. Evil destroying small towns one desolate Main St. at a time but in 1994 he was just another anonymous nerd creating a website while the rest of us were out drinking beers and getting chicks. It’s no surprise Bezos came out of the Banking and Hedge Fund worlds, the Romulus & Remus of soul sucking evil doers the world over. Sure it’s nice to get paper towels delivered right to your door but at what price? Well the going rate seems to be atrocious working conditions for Amazon “employees”, the aforementioned destruction of brick & mortar stores and well basically the complete dismantling of what used to be the American economy. But again you get to order your unmentionables online instead of trekking to a CVS so it’s all worth it, right?

1994 was also the start of America Online which brought casual Internet access to homes across the USA. People started surfing the World Wide Web and frankly all hell broke loose. Yes I understand the irony of yelling about the Internet on the Internet but here I am. And I would gladly without question and no hesitation pull the proverbial plug on the entire online world if that was a possibility. Sure memes are funny and the convenience of online communication is not only great but has connected previously isolated people but again at what cost? People are at their absolute WORST when they are online. It brings out every terrible human impulse that actual face-to-face interaction protects us against. And the sight of vast groups of people standing around next to each ALL STARING AT THEIR PHONES has become so common and routine that it’s actually lost its bewilderment. Look up. Look at the world around you. And do it without taking a stupid ass photo on your phone. We would all be better off.

So thank you 1994. You ruined us all.

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