Hi-Top Top 5 Garys of All-Time

Gary Woodland is your 2019 US Open Golf Champion and this formerly nondescript PGA TOUR pro put on the performance of a lifetime at Pebble Beach this past weekend. From holding off the insanely consistent Brooks Koepka to making so many miraculous Par saves that it just became ordinary and oh yeah, this shot at 14:

And this chip ON THE GREEN:

Gary Woodland put on a How to Win a Major clinic and etched his name into history.

Which begs the question – Just how high did Gary Woodland launch himself up the hierarchy of All-Time Garys?

First of a little Gary History. There ain’t that many memorable ones. Gary as a name just seems to lend itself to middling mediocrity. No offense to an Hi-Top Nation Garys of course.

Right now if you type “Gary” into Google the predictive results are not too impressive (recency bias aside) :

So just who are the History’s Greatest Garys? Leave it to us at Hi-Top HQ to dig through the annals of time to find out the answer.

Hi-Top Top 5 Greatest Garys of All-Time

5. Gary Carter

“The Kid” was the quintessential 1970s and 80s catcher for the Expos and Mets. A Baseball Hall of Fame inductee who was an 11 time All-Star, Carter was a lot better than you remember or he had any right to be.

4. Gary Coleman

Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis? Well we’re talking about Garys and Coleman is a first ballot Hall of Fame Gary if ever there was one. What a wild life this dude led. From child star to cautionary tale to punch line to tragic early death, Coleman never could escape his Diff’rent Strokes Arnold character.

3. Garry Kasparov

Ohhh we have some “Gary” controversy here. Is a “Garry” still a “Gary”? The judges say “yes”. There’s just not enough famous Garys to go around so the chess master can not be denied. Considered by most to be the greatest chess player of all-time Kasparov gets a nod on this list despite the possibly illegal extra “r”.

2. Gary Oldman

Oldman makes the list on the strength of a pretty legendary film career but let’s be honest. He gets to #2 strictly cuz of Drexl Spivey.

1. Gary Woodland

It’s not just the fact that Woodland won the US Open that vaults him all the way from unknown to Greatest Gary of All-Time. It’s that he won facing down Brooks Koepka who’s already one of the best Major golfers ever and the rest of inarguably the deepest field of golfers in the history of the game. And Woodland didn’t just win, HE WON. As in he never wavered, hit every shot he needed to and quite a few he had no business making.

Of course this is just today. Right now you are the King of the Garys, Gary Woodland, but if you fail to follow up this historic win with some more victories to further your career you will inevitably fall back into the heap of faceless Garys and another will undoubtedly take your place.

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