The Two Most Beautiful Words in the English Language – Game Seven

Hi-Top Hockey Nation! The Lil’ Dogg just has one simple question for ya –

Game Seven MF’ers!!!!! Let’s do this!!!!!

First off, the St. Louis Blues are SHOOK.

Game 6 was an absolute beat down by the Beantown Bad Boys. The Friends of Eddie Coyle took out the Blues like a professional hit in the middle of a DR Nightclub (too soon????)

Tens if not hundreds of Blues fans were ready to party in downtown St. Louis (if there even is such a thing) and the Causeway Killers promptly curb stomped those plans with a decisive 5-1 win.

Momentum is clearly wearing Black & Gold and is currently 6 beers deep at the Fours (is that still a place???). What this pup is saying is that the B’s have all the juice right now.

Hi-Top Game 7 🔑 to Lord Stanley’s Cup Glory

Previous 🔐 to success have highlighted everything from the importance of breakfast cereal consumption to negative impact of NOT making your way through Switzerland at the highest possible velocity.

Well folks tonight’s winner, the team that is going to etch their names into history, the players that will get to take Lord Stanley’s Cup to their backwater Canadian hometown, will be the team that controls the…

St. Louis may be named the “Blues” but they aren’t the most important blue items on the hockey ice cuz that’d be the BLUE LINE

and the BLUE PAINT

Tukka Rask has been the Bru Cru’s clear cut MVP and if the B-Boys are going to be makin’ with the freak freak they desperately need to control the blue paint.

On the other end of the ice the Blue Liners will be the spark. Put it in the books now – a Defenseman will score tonight.


Bruins 4

Blues 3

IN OT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I said it. This one is going to extra periods. Maybe even two. It will be a nail biter folks. Lots of drama. And you know the best part…after that final whistle blows and the horn sounds, these warriors will be come together at Center Ice and THEY WILL SHAKE HANDS. Seven games of chippy elbows and extra curricular hanky panky all go by the wayside. Gentlemen through and through cuz these guys play not for the love of the Cup but for the love of the game. And you gotta respect that.

PS – A little birdy tells Hi-Top that a certain someone who has been in the news quite a bit lately might just make an appearance at Game 7. Hmmmmm I wonder who that could be……

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