Hi-Top Golf – The US Open is going Back to the Beach

The 2019 U.S. Open returns to Pebble Beach for the first time since 2010 when it was a beach blanket bingo for the Europeans with Graeme McDowell and Grégory Havret battling it out. The Northern Irish lad narrowly edged out the Frenchman for the win nine years ago but who will it be this time around?

Another chap from Northern Ireland, Hi-Top’s favorite foil, Rory Mac just wrapped up a dominant performance in yet another meaningless PGA TOUR stop, this time north of the border, winning the Canadian Open by a few hundred shots. Does that mean ol’ Rory is primes and ready for the true Open Championship?

And then there’s Tiger.

The Masters Champ followed up his 15th Major victory with a missed cut at the PGA that dampened the “Tiger’s Back For Real For Real” hype just as quickly as the Augusta win got it started. Tiger has been bunkered down at Pebble Beach for a week or so and his limited PGA TOUR play in between Majors is just as much a strategy as actually playing competitive rounds. But was the 2019 Masters Tiger’s version of Jack in 1986?One last gasp at glory?

Brooks Koepka only wins Majors. But Pebble Beach is not your typical Major Championship venue. It’s not exceedingly long. Sure the rough will be thick and the pins killer cuz that’s what the USGA does but at Pebble the greens are small and the winds unpredictable. In fact nobody really knows how the course will play until we get to Thursday and even then each day could be drastically different.

And that’s the fun stuff.

Pebble Beach is easily the most famous golf course in America. Ask any non-golfer to name one course and 9 out of 10 times it’ll be Pebble. The views will be gorgeous. The coverage should be great even if it is Fox. They’ve had the US Open for a while now the biggest thing is that you can watch a lot of golf and not a lot of commercials. I’m sure there will be gimmicks cuz hey it is still Fox but fingers crossed Joe Buck and friends mostly just shut up and get out of the way.

And best of all the final round is on Father’s Day so when the missus asks “What do you want to do on your big day?” just go ahead and grab that remote and your favorite spot on the couch and tell her, “This.”

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