Hot Take Alert – Jordan “Switching Hands” is the Most Overrated Play in NBA History

On this date in 1991 Michael Jordan did this:

And for the past 27 years and 363 days hoop heads have unnecessarily over inflated the value of Jordan “Switching Hands”.

Yeah the Lil’ Dogg said it. Deal with it.

First off, this pup LOVES MJ. Jordan is the #1 greatest basketball player of all-time and if people were being truly honest, it’s not even close. LeBron, Magic, Bird, Kobe 😂😂😂😂, Wilt, Kareem, Mikan….WHOEVER…it’s MJ #1 and then you can argue about who’s a distant distant DISTANT second.

That being said, on the list of great MJ plays, the hand switch is maybe Top 25. Maybe.

Hi-Top Top 5 Reasons MJ’s Hand Switch is OVERRATED

5. It’s completely unnecessary

Jordan could have easily laid the ball in with his right hand. Sam Perkins or whoever that is, didn’t even jump. There was nothing to avoid with his right hand. He made an easy layup hard for no reason.

4. See Above

3. See Above

2. See Above

1. See Above

Yes the “hand switch” looks cool. But just about every damn thing Jordan did on a basketball court looked cool as efff. MJ could do a causal V cut and its ballet level beauty. That was just the way the dude moved on a court. Poetry in motion at all times.

The fact is the “hand switch” was a wide open layup turned into a H-O-R-S-E shot. If Craig Hodges had done the exact same thing Marv Albert would have said, “Gee he made that one difficult for no reason” instead of exclaiming brilliance.

Facts is facts and the fact is Jordan did a ton of amazing shit on a basketball court but the vaunted “Hand Switch” was NOT one of them.

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