Hi-Top Golf – Jim Nantz has a mini replica of Pebble Beach #7 in his backyard…yes really

Lil’ Dogg : Wanna see Phil Mickelson drop a casual hole in one?

Hi-Top Golf Nation : Sure

Lil’ Dogg : Narrated by Jim Nantz

Hi-Top Golf Nation : Well obviously.

Lil’ Dogg : On a mini version of Pebble Beach #7.

Hi-Top Golf Nation : Ummm okay.

Lil’ Dogg : In Jim Nantz’s backyard.

Hi-Top Golf Nation : 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Yes in addition to being the current whispered voice of golf and the finest giver of previously worn ties to confused college basketball players Jim Nantz also happens to have a tiny replica of one of the most famous golf hole in America in his backyard.

Oh and he happens to live next door to the actual real life sized Pebble Beach.

As if living at Pebble Beach wasn’t a big enough flex already.

Then add in the fact that you have Nantz hosting PGA dudes at his house taking shots at the mini green while he NARRATES the whole thing and this is just next level #2019 stuff.

On the list of Middle Aged Guy Life Goals having a golf hole in your backyard comes in right above owning your own pub and right below…well come to think of it I really can’t come up with anything that tops this.

Jim Nantz, you win.

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