St. Louis is So Dumb they don’t even play the right “Gloria”

Here’s a story you might not have heard a thousand times – the unofficial official song of the St. Louis Blues is “Gloria”.

You might be thinking, ” Oh that’s pretty cool cuz Van Morrison is awesome and I love “Into the Mystic”.

But then you find out it’s actually this “Gloria”:

Yes the terrible Disco Gloria and not, I repeat, NOT the awesome pre-superstardom Van Morrison garage rocker by Them “Gloria”:

Yes that “Gloria”. The one that kicks ass in The Outsiders:

And that’s when you realize that the Beantown Bad Boys, the Causeway Killers, the Friends of Eddie Coyle are DESTINED to win Lord Stanley’s Cup cuz NO WAY IN HELL can the world’s greatest sporting trophy go to a city that can’t even pick the right “Gloria”.

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