Pivotal Game 4 Bruins-Blues Preview

Hi-Top Nation!

We gave the Beantown Bad Boys ONE KEY to Ultimate Game 3 Victory and you know what happened….in fact it happened SEVEN TIMES!!!!!!


Yeah 7 Lamps got LIT in Game 3 and it is strictly 110 percent because the Friends of Eddie Coyle were SPEEDING THROUGH THE NEUTRAL ZONE!

The Neutral Zone is like Switzerland folks. It’s must win territory. If you are not winning the battle in the Neutral Zone why are you even playing the greatest game on ice????

Why Game 4 is So Important

The Blues just got EMBARRASSED in Game 3. It was the first Lord Stanley’s Cup match in St. Louis in 57 years (or something). And it got ugly fast. The Blues have two options –

1) Roll over like Beethoven and watch the whole series slip out of their grasp


2) Come out SWINGING

Game 4 will be a nasty affair. Expect lots of after whistle jostling. A bit of tommy foolery. Knucks very well may get chucked.

The Blues will be scrapping for their Cup lives in this one. The added aggression will either fuel a victory or lead to their defeat.

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