Boston Bruins take Game 1 from St. Louis

“1, 2 Krug is comin’ for you”

The Beantown Bullies have the St. Louis Blues singin’ the….ummmm….blues I guess….after a come from behind Game 1 beat down sparked by the maniac Torey Krug.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle started the match sluggish fueling the age old Rest v Rust debate and quite frankly folks they were just not cycling the puck during the first 20 minutes.

But after a quick bathroom break and some orange slices the fellas were able to tie things up nicely in the Second Quarter.

And in the Third the Causeway Killers were able to take it on down to the Old Town Road and put things away.

Yes it’s only Game 1 but we’ve seen this story before and I think we all know how it ends.

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