Bill Buckner Got Shanked by the Media Not The Fans (And @Dan_Shaughnessy Still Sucks)

Rest In Peace to the one and only Bill Buckner who passed away this Memorial Day Weekend.

We all know the Buckner Story. And we all know what really happened during the 1986 World Series. And by “we” I mean the fans of course.

The fans never blamed Buckner. The fans embraced Buckner:

The Media on the other hand well that’s a horse of a different color all together.

Here’s Mr. Shank Shaughnessy himself after Buckner’s passing:

And here’s Shaughnessy while Billy Buck was still with us:

Spoiler Alert – It was the “Sports Writers” all along. When they needed a go-to headline or an easy joke it was at Buckner’s expense. Now they want to act all high and mighty. Why? Because now that Buckner has passed, that’s the better story. It would be uncouth to unleash the jokes on a dead man. But while he’s alive, well then anything goes right?

The fans meanwhile :

The Shank Shaughnessy’s of the Sports World were the ones who could never let it go, or rather never miss a chance to remind Buckner of ’86. The fans, we moved on. But it’s the writers who wouldn’t.

And that’s the truth Ruth.

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