The Ringer Gets it All Wrong Again – This List of the 25 Best High School Movies is Not Good

Okay Ringer, first you disrespect Back to the Future 2 and now you’ve gone ahead and put out an absolute turd of a list of the Best 25 High School Movies –

This is just too much.

Hi-Top Nation, you know me, you know this pup dropped an impeccable list of the gotdamn 100 best movies of the 1980s so I’m not about to bore you with my bonafides. I’m also not going to list my Top 25 cuz like I already did 100 movies so enough is enough. What I am going to do is list my Top 5 grievances with the Ringer’s Top 25 list.

Hi-Top Top 5 Things Wrong with The Ringer’s 25 Best High School Movies List

5. Rushmore is NOT a “High School” Movie

Yes Rushmore is set primarily in and around 2 high schools but that fact does not make it in any way a “High School movie”. First off, the second most important student in the movie is in SIXTH GRADE and oh yeah, the antagonist is a MIDDLE AGED millionaire. “High School” movies are about High School shit – cliques and popularity and prom. There’s not one scene in Rushmore dealing with where to sit in the Cafeteria. Rushmore is an amazing wonderful movie. But it is not a “High School” movie.

4. Superbad is NOT NOT NOT the Second Best “High School” Movie ever Made

Superbad is funny. Real funny at times. It deserves to be on this list. Just no effing way it deserves to be #2.

3. Election is way too high and 10 Things I Hate About You way too low

Some people love Election. The Lil’ Dogg is not one of those people but I can accept its inclusion on this list if and only if it’s in the 20-25 range. 10 Things on the other hand is Top 3 no question, no debate. It’s head and shoulders better than any other second wave 90s teen movie and also better than 99% of the first wave 80s joints. It’s simply a delightfully great movie.

2. Hey Ringer while you were listing terrible musicals like Grease and High School Musical you forgot these actual “High School” Movies

Here’s a partial list of classic, cult classic and should be classic movies that absolutely deserve to be on any 25 Best High School Movie lists: Weird Science, Just One of the Guys, Summer School, Scream, Dream a Little Dream, License to Drive, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, River’s Edge, Permanent Record, Teen Wolf, Hiding Out, Some Kind of Wonderful and Vision Quest.

1. Leaving off Pretty in Pink is CRIMINAL


Here’s the thing about Pretty in Pink. It’s a MF’ing MASTERPIECE OF A HIGH SCHOOL MOVIE. It literally as in LITERALLY lays out the blue print for countless upon countless teen movies. James Spader is the BEST teen villain of all time. Ducky is the nexus, the zenith, the Big Bang of the hopelessly in love best friend archetype. Molly Ringwald’s Andy is not only from the wrong side of the tracks, the MOVIE STARTS WITH A SHOT OFF THE ACTUAL TRAIN TRACKS!!!!!!!!

Basically every High School Movie after Pretty in Pink is a less effective retelling of Pretty in Pink. And yet you don’t have Pretty in Pink on this list. And that nullifies the whole thing.

Facts is facts and the fact is The Ringer gets another big swing and a miss on this one. That’s two strikes folks. One more and they’re out!

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