Cornball Drake is At It Again (Nick Nurse too)

As the internet’s originators and foremost proponents of the Cornball Drake Theory we here at Hi-Top have meticulously documented Wheelchair Jimmy’s various forays into cornballosity.

And folks let the Lil’ Dogg tell ya, last night we may have reached Peak Cornball Status:

The faces, the claps, THE WINDMILLS????????

It was just all so so so much. The very definition of try hard Sport Fandom. “Hey Everyone. Look how much I loooooove Sports.”

And then Drake went and did this:

Yes. Drake really went and gave Toronto Head Coach Nick Nurse (more on that dude in a minute) a gotdamn SHOULDER RUB in the middle of the game!!!!

Hey Wheelchair Jimmy – GET THE EFFF OF THE COURT!!!!!

Lets take a quick break from Cornball Drake to discuss this guy:

Is that a mid life crisis deplaning on his trip to Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp? No it’s Toronto Raptors Head Coach Nick Nurse. You know the guy, the one with his own (extremely terrible) LOGO HAT!!!!!

How perfect of a pair are these two? Try hard extraordinaire Cornball Drake and Double N Nick Nurse – a match made in Wannabe Heaven.

Only in Canada folks. Only in Canada.

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