A Tale of Two Kings

Two boys.

Two broken boys.

Two broken boys who grow up to become Kings.

Bran the Broken and Brooks the Breaker were both crowned King of their respective lands on Sunday. Both survived childhood accidents that forever altered their paths of destiny. For one a broken spine may have kept him from walking but allowed him to fly. For the other a broken nose kept him off the ice but allowed him to grow to untold heights on grass.

The two Kings have more than just childhood afflictions in common. They both possess an inner confidence, a belief in their thoughts and their actions that render all the chaos that swirls around them moot. They both go about their business and accomplish their goals as matter of factly as we mortals brush our teeth. It’s simply another task that must be done.

Their destinies are to rule and they accept those destinies because they already know this is how things are supposed to be. They don’t fear the challenges ahead because for these Kings they don’t see challenges. They only see what needs to be done. And they already know that they are the Kings to do it.

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