If the NCAA were Smart (They’re Not) They Could Get Zion to Stay at Duke

The buzz seems to be building that presumptive #1 pick Zion Williamson is NOT excited that the New Orleans ‘Cans won’t the NBA Draft Lottery. And there’s one corrupt entity that should be extremely pleased to hear this – the NCAA.

And the real funny thing is that if the NCAA had any capable intelligent leadership at all they could with one Thanos finger snap save their own asses and majorly stick it to the NBA.

If the NCAA allowed “student-athletes” to profit off their own likeness Zion Williamson would stay at Duke.

By all accounts, including his own words, Zion absolutely loved being a Duke Blue Devil and would love to return to campus next year.

Zion could EASILY make the equivalent of an NBA Rookie salary in endorsement deals. In fact if the NCAA allowed shoe deals Zion could sign for $100+ million in a heartbeat.

Zion was the #1 story in ALL OF SPORT for the length of the NCAA basketball season. He was 10 times bigger than anything happening in the dregs of the never ending NBA season.

And the NCAA could have that again multiplied by hundreds if Zion came back.

But they are too dumb and ignorant and corrupt to see what is right in front of their faces. They think that giving the very kids WHO ACTUALLY EARN THE NCAA ALL OF THEIR BLOOD MONEY an opportunity to profit that it will sink the NCAA’s sacred bottom line.


Having marquee names returning to college would only INCREASE their profits. Any money the kids make will be outside all of the TV contracts and brand deals that bring in the BILLIONS the NCAA takes in each year. Zion making his own $10 million and staying at Duke not only doesn’t take away anything from the NCAA and Duke it would make them untold amounts more!

And the truly hilarious thing is that this already exists…if you happen to be an Olympic swimmer or gymnast. Or a minor league baseball player who also plays a college sport. Those “student-athletes” get paid and retain the “purity” of being an NCAA member. Just not if you are basketball player who wants to make some money off of HIS OWN DAMN NAME.

This is an opportunity for the NCAA to not only save their own asses and their place in the sports landscape but also look good doing it. One snap of the fingers, one swipe of the pen allowing kids to sign endorsement deals and you completely turn the tables on the professionally leagues.

Sadly it will never happen because the suits in charge are just too damn stupid to see what’s right in front of their faces.

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