Draft Lottery Chaos…Eh Not So Much

Here’s a little Math Tip for all ya -14% is really not that much. And it actually means that 86% of the time the opposite thing is going to happen.

The NY Knicks, Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers each had a 14% chance to win the top pick in the NBA Draft. None of those teams won.

The New Orleans ‘Cans with a 6% chance were the Zion Sweepstakes winners.

In the grand scheme of things 6% and 14% ain’t that far off.

So the lesson here is…the NBA wanted to torpedo the idea that tanking your season would be awarded. Well mission accomplished. The Draft Lottery odds were flattened so much that the difference between being the absolute worst and tenth worst team in the league is now negligible.

The Lottery is Fixed

The NBA is ripe with conspiracy theories and actual games most definitely may very well have been fixed in the past by Referees some people but saying the Lottery is fixed is just plain silly. Now no matter what took place last night certain people were inevitably going to scream “FIXED” but anyone with half a brain knows that New Orleans and Memphis would in no way ever be a part of a league mandated fix.

It just happens to be a happy coincidence that the ‘Cans are a hot mess always right now and throwing Zion into the mix will just feed the insatiably content machine that is NBA life.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics had a myriad of complicated scenarios going in to last night and ended the night with the 14, 20 and 22 picks of the First Round. That’s a lot of picks. The rights to the Memphis pick now roll over to next year for better or for worse. Who knows? There’s some decent players beyond Zion but no one is calling this 2019 class historically deep by any measure. However there are always diamonds in the rough every year and the more picks you have the better chances you end up with a pearl. 14 is right in that dead mans zone at the very end of the Lottery making the pick a hard one to move on its own and NOT an especially intriguing piece to add value in any trade deal. More than likely the C’s will be stuck at 14 hoping a guy they like falls into their laps. Extremely long fingers crossed that it’s Bol Bol who has the potential to tumble draft day due to injuries and scant playing history. A second line front court anchored by Robert Williams and Bol Bol would be quite the entertainment. And after this past season the C’s need any reason to smile they can get. Here’s to hoping.

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