Hi-Top Top 10 Greatest TV Actors/Actresses of All-Time

Le Cap sung the praises of the one and only Julia Louis-Dreyfus earlier today posing an excellent question – Who is the greatest TV actor/actress of all-time?

While JLD is certainly in the conversation the Lil’ Dogg has to disagree with our fearless leader on this one.

Looking back at the entire history of TV and judging “The Greatest” is a monumental task. Some would said an impossible one. Hi-Top does not and will not shy away from such insurmountable missions – that is our vow to you, the members of Hi-Top Nation. Therefore the Lil’ Dogg has spent countless minutes digging through the annals of television’s past and this pup is confident in presenting to you the definitive and indisputable Hi-Top Top 10 G.O.A.T. TV Actors/Actresses

The criteria for inclusion on our esteemed list includes but is not limited to both critical and commercial success, industry awards, career longevity and various other je nous se qua like qualities that are quite frankly undefinable.

*Obviously goes without saying that Bill Cosby would have been on this list but well….

10. Henry Winkler

Yes he was the Fonz but 40 years later Winkler is still killing it on everything he appears and has never been anything like his iconic character. In fact he’s done just about everything else which proves just how great he is to have even pulled off the Fonz in the first place.

9. Richard Mulligan

Okay fine this a Lil’ Dogg “Hey it’s my blog so go screw” pick but just hear me out on this one. Empty Nest was one helluva a show and Mulligan was also on Soap which was HUGE in the 70s. And I will go to my grave arguing that Empty Nest was way funnier than Golden Girls.

8. Betty White

Oh gee well first off she’s been on TV for like 85 years so there’s that and she’s still going strong. Throw in a half dozen iconic roles and awards and the undying love of a nation and well frankly White should probably be higher up on this list but in all honesty Rose on Golden Girls always annoyed the hell out of me. #TeamSophia

7. Alan Alda

It’s actually a bit incomprehensible to understand just how huge a show MASH was. We’re talking Super Bowl level numbers every single week for 10 years. Then add in stints on everything from ER to The West Wing and Alda is hard to leave out of any top TV list.

6. Michael J. Fox

“Michael J Fox was Alex P. Keaton…” Yes LFO said it best but they also left out the fact that he was also on Spin City and then a million guest spots as well.

5. Don Knotts

Dude was a perfect 5 for 5 Emmy nominations/wins and was two iconic characters in Barney Fife and goddamn Mr. Ralph Furley.

4. Bob Newhart

Newhart headlined two of the biggest TV comedies ever with The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart. That alone gets him Top 5 Status but then throw in a gazzilion scene stealing guest star roles over about 50 years and he’s still going strong.

3. Mary Tyler Moore

Personal favorites aside there’s no denying the success but more importantly the cultural impact of Mary Tyler Moore. Her namesake show broke all kinds of ground for women and that came after her stint on the Lil’ Dogg’s pick for greatest sitcom (that wasn’t named Seinfeld) The Dick Van Dyke Show.

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The resume and Le Cap’s arguments speak for themselves. If anything JLD is more #1B then #2 only ever so slightly eclipsed by…

1. Ted Danson

This is splitting hairs here but I’m giving the nod to Danson by the slightest of margins. Cheers and Seinfeld are 1 and 2 on any greatest comedy list and which is which is purely a personal choice. I could be convinced either way depending on the day. And while JLD was a huge part of Seinfeld the show was called Seinfeld not Dreyfus. Danson headlined Cheers. Sam Malone is an 80s iconic. A touchstone. It was his show. And in the years since he’s proven not only his longevity outside of Cheers but also extreme range and well the dude did 84 episodes of CSI not to mention his work on Curb and now The Good Place. Again this like choosing between Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio here, there’s no wrong answer but today I’m going with Danson.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and today the Lil’ Dogg declares Ted Danson the GOAT.

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