ATTN: GoT Fans Turned Amateur TV Critics. You’re the Worst.

I’ve been informed that in order to maintain a domain name and an active website anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, we need to produce a minimum amount of Game of Thrones related content.


In true #onbrand form, I’ll choose to dedicate my time to hating the the haters.

So many people seem unhappy with the Final Season. The pace is off. It’s too rushed. It’s too dark. Too Dark?! TOO DARK???? You aware it was a battle at NIGHT, right? During a time where there was no electricity? I believe the phrase you’re looking must be “too authentic”. True story…I watched that episode on a 14″ laptop, in the BATHROOM of a room at a Holiday Inn…and I didn’t realize there was a problem until Twitter told me afterwards. Turn off the background lights ya jerkoffs.

I mean, it’s not that I don’t think Mssrs Benioff and Weiss are truly grateful for all of your comments. I don’t know how they’d have made it this far without you. And whatever project they decide to work on next, they’ll make sure to heed the advice of people like @bellsybuilds

GOT Critic 2

GOT Critic 1


I mean it’s not like Bellsy doesn’t come with credentials:


GOT Critic 3

She is a writer AND an editor. Take that Dave and Dan (classic use of first names to appear as if you’re on equal footing, well played Bellsy).

But in all fairness, if the show runners of arguably the most successful and acclaimed television show of the past decade should be taking advice from someone, it’s an apparent Overwatch blogger with 19 followers….because that’s what America is about.

Look it…this is coming from a true contrarian. One who respects the troll game like no other. So don’t play that angle. As a great man, Mr George Miamis, once said,

You can’t trick a trickster.


People…I get it. You’re scared. You’re scared of how empty your Sunday nights (and some of these folks I wonder if it’s their lives) will be when GoT is gone. And instead of being able to handle the grief, and compartmentalize, you’re lashing out. It’s not the way you wanted to end, so they must be doing it wrong…right?

Shows are not easy to end…none of them. Let alone one as big as this. SO….

GET OVER IT. Quite simply, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Having a twitter handle, and putting “writer” in your bio, doesn’t qualify you to do anything. Stop pretending it does.

Watch the goddamn show, and enjoy it for what it is. The books, and the show, have always been a clusterfuck of characters and storylines that the writers had to successfully weave through. And 15 seasons wouldn’t have been enough to see every one of them to their ultimate fruition, let alone 8. So if something seems cutoff, so be it. When you look back in 2, 5, 10 years you’re not going to give AF that Jon Snow didn’t cuddle with Ghost, you’re just going to remember the show as a whole. And if you’ve been a fan this long, you should be a fan now.


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