Kawhis & Dragons & Bruins Oh My!

Hi-Top Nation, now that’s what you call a Mother’s Day Weekend huh! Personally I don’t know a single mom who didn’t want to kick back with some Canadian hoops, needless destruction and Game of Thrones too. Thankfully the weekend delivered.

We start North of the Wall Border in Toronto where the Raptors outlasted the Drake Curse.

Kawhi Leonard got the Chelsea Roll* of the century to beat the Sixers at the buzzer and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals:

*A “Chelsea Roll” for those not in the know is a generous bounce off the rim that results in a basket when it otherwise should not. Why Chelsea? That’s a damn good question that I don’t not have an answer for.

Meanwhile in Westeros it was not a good day to be a citizen of King’s Landing.

Which begs the question why anyone living in the Seven Kingdoms chooses to live anywhere other than Dorne?

And then we have the Beantown Bosses who cycled the puck to the tune of 6 more goals on the hapless Carolina Summer Rain. I like Pina Colada and Grzelcyk netting two on Sunday.

If your Mom didn’t enjoy that Frozen Bouquet then I don’t know what to tell ya.

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